Good News for Daylite Users

We have been working on getting Dialectic to work with the Cisco phones. It has been somewhat hit and miss. We got it working on 2 iMacs but I am not sure why it wasn't working on a MacBook. Our interest in Dialectic was limited to using it to enable Daylite to dial the Cisco phones.

We are on Daylite 3.9x but our director of advertising has been exploring Daylite 4.2. He discovered today that Daylite can communicate directly with Cisco Jabber. So we don’t need Dialectic (which is a very neat program). The bonus of Daylite 4 talking to Cisco Jabber is our MacBook users will set up Jabber to be a soft phone, and Daylite can dial it for them. As far as I can tell Dialectic will only work in the office since it dials the phone directly and doesn’t work through Jabber.